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Engineers are not born, they are made. A similar vision is shared by Dr. Puran Chand Dharmarth Trust, a philanthropic society, Haryana College of Technology & Management (HCTM), was established, by this trust in 1998 at Kaithal (Haryana) to keep pace with the progress made in the field of engineering and technology.

Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA)ard of Accreditation (NBA)

  • An Institute that works better and expands.
  • One that has achieved significant results for the money spent.
  • An Institute that provides value to the students and its working-force.
  • An Institute that delivers skilled technical professionals and one that achieves recognition for the services it provides.
  • Utilizes effective, empowering student-teaching/non-teaching and management partnership.
  • Is healthy in all aspects including morale, individual's physical and mental health, and the Institute's physical environment.
  • Provides opportunities for the students and employees to use their diverse talent.
  • Our Location

    We are just 180 kms away from Delhi and well-connected by road and rail services from Delhi/Ambala/Kurukshetra. We are 65 kms from Ambala and 40 kms from Kurukshetra. We are situated on NH-65 on Ambala Kaithal Road. Our campus is beautifully planned and splendidly landscaped with an impressive building, lawns, playgrounds. We are expanding our campus into a multi-crore spacious structure having multi-furious amenities.

     Joint Campus for InterGlobe Technologies on 26th Nov.
     Registration for Lava International Limited.
     Campus Placement By Open Text.
     Joint Campus Placement By Weblance.
     Training Cum Placement By CMC Limited.
     Registration for 2015 Batch students.
     Job Opportunity for 2015 Batch.
     Recruitment By TCS
     Corporate @ HCTM – 2014
     Registration for 2014-2015
     List of company visited during session 2012-13
     New M.Tech Courses 2012-13
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     Students are advised to collect their Scaled Marks DMCS
     Students are advised to collect their B.Tech. Degrees
    Prestigious award of Best Engineering College In Haryana.
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